Help is Wealth

By Jasmine Kelly

I need help. This is something I have always known, but the process of writing my dissertation has illuminated that for me. As a matter of fact, that is what the dissertation process is; HELP. The person is writing the dissertation and their committee to ensure that they complete it. It is easy to forget that we can’t go it alone during our day today. But when you realize it, it’s a beautiful thing.

My dissertation process so far has taught me to be open to critique and to intentionally seek help. If you are like me, you are used to getting things done on your own. I am so accustomed to doing for myself that, honestly, I usually forget to ask for help. At times, seeking help is my last resort, not intentionally, of course. Nonetheless, I feel like I am growing and that a weight has been lifted. My academic process has transferred to my personal life. I no longer feel the need to do EVERYTHING on my own. And I am open to others (who have the privilege) of telling me where I can do better. Having assistance doesn’t mean I am weak or incompetent. It shows I am intelligent enough to seek an expert where I am lacking. I know, right? Growth (Kelly from Insecure voice).

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The coolest thing from all of this? I am less stressed about somethings, and I worry less. I no longer become upset or anxious when I don’t know the answer to some of life’s questions.

Even more so, I understand I don’t have to have everything figured out at the drop of a dime. I can live my life by the essence of it and not the task. Thirty has definitely been a dynamic year and one that I will not forget.

One thing that I have learned is… Help is Wealth.


Jasmine Kelly is a contributing writer for the Pedestal Project, LLC. Jasmine is a higher education professional who believes in the powers of Black Twitter. You can follow her on Instagram @chicomydusty.

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