It’s Okay To Be Tired, But Don’t Stay There!

By Ke’Ana Lampkins 

2020 has been A LOT, you understand when I say, I’m tired. Looking at politics in America- I’m tired. Throw in the countless deaths that have occurred- I’m tired. Don’t forget the Pandemic, and all the havoc wrecked on us- I’m tired. When you turn on the news- you are guaranteed some bad news these days.

Not to mention how all of this maybe personally affecting you and those around you. People are losing their jobs, getting laid off and furloughed. Countless people are moving back home- unable to pay rent, or they are becoming homeless. People are grieving, people are scared, and in some cases hopeless. It’s exhausting. You would have to be superhuman to be able to walk through this time spotless.

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As I was reading my morning devotion, I was reminded about a time when the disciples were crossing the Sea of Galilee. A storm began and the disciples were so afraid they woke Jesus up and asked him, “Don’t you care we are about to drown?”. In so many words they were asking Him to save them. Even though Jesus already told them they would make it to the other side- they were still worried. 

We are a lot like Jesus’s disciples- these men had a front row to the miracles He performed, the healing that took place, the preaching, and the teaching. The religious walls He tore down, and all those that he set free. They saw it all and had their own experiences too- but yet there were many times where they still lost hope, lacked faith, and were tired too.

The point isn’t to bash them, and say how terrible the disciples were, the point is to say if the men who were closest to Jesus struggled- it would make sense to me we are struggling too. We are going to have times where we forget  great miracles Jesus performed in our lives- when we’re crossing the storm and it feels like we are drowning. But just like the disciples, it’s our job to go to him. Seek refuge- seek hope, and choose to have faith. Choose to believe that your good father, loves you so much that everything will work out for your good.

You’re going to get weary, you’re going to have some dark days, you may even have sometimes when you struggle to trust God. It’s okay- just don’t let yourself stay there. Remember the times when He kept you. Remember the times when He parted the Red sea for you. When he gave you food and water from heaven.

It’s okay to get tired when things get hard. Just don’t forget where your help and where your hope comes from. Go to him to get fueled back up- to receive what you need.


Ke’Ana Lampkins is a contributing writer for The Pedestal Project, LLC. Ke’Ana is a Christian, wife, and mother dedicated to empowering young girls and women through counseling, mentorship, and education. Connect with her on Instagram @Beautifully_Yanni.

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