The Birth of the Pedestal Project

It all started in October 2017 after my therapist and I explored this newfound concept of a “pedestal complex.” I asked followers on my social media accounts to share the first word that came to their mind when they thought of Black women. I received a TON of responses that ranged from “strong” to “powerful” to “visionary” to “talented” to “beautiful”…the list goes on. However, the word that resonated most with me was “necessary.” Black women are being recognized more frequently for their extraordinary contributions to the world, but there are very few places that are striving to sustain our super-powers…

So, here we are! The Pedestal Project is my brainchild for reclaiming our pedestal. The concept of putting Black women on a pedestal is not an attempt to portray Black women as perfect but a mechanism for re-emphasizing our humanity. I firmly believe that it is important for Black women to have an abundance of spaces where we are affirmed and represented positively. The world attempts to blame Black women for everyone else’s demise but does not take ownership of the pain it inflicts on us every day. However, I believe that some of our greatest pains have the potential to produce our most fortified pedestals.  Therefore, it is imperative that The Pedestal Project helps you keep your pedestal polished, impermeable, and reflective of the beautiful resilience of being a Black woman.

The Pedestal Project is for us. All of us.

I pray you enjoy your journey with me to the top.

Mission Statement

The Pedestal Project is an online space dedicated to uplifting Black women through restoration, validation, and affirmation. We aim to restore the wholeness, validate the experiences, and affirm the divine gifts of all Black women. The Pedestal Project features articles about our experiences as Black women, a recognition series for Black women entrepreneurs and college students, scholarly submissions of Black Feminist fabulousness, developmental resources for holistic wellness, and so much more.

Meet the Creator/Editor-In-Chief

Photo Credit: Andrew Bonsu of NhyiraK Photography

Tekita Bankhead is the Creator/Editor-In-Chief of The Pedestal Project, LLC an online space dedicated to uplifting Black Women through restoration, validation, and affirmation. Tekita is a lover of all things Black and is a vocal proponent of the specific empowerment of Black women. Launched in February 2018, The Pedestal Project is poised to become a leading supportive space designed to enrich the lives of Black women around the world.

Hailing from the “Friendly City” of Columbus, MS, Tekita Bankhead is a registered nurse, a Student Affairs professional, and currently serves as an Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Specialist in Education in Illinois. She received her M.S. in Counselor Education with an Emphasis in Student Affairs Administration from Mississippi State University and her Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) from Mississippi University for Women. Her professional experiences focus on mental health, social justice, effective coping skills, race-related trauma in Black students, and culturally specific outreach and prevention. Tekita is a noted speaker, instructor, and consultant who delivers innovative and interactive educational workshops designed to tackle complex issues of Blackness, wellness, and identity.

Tekita aspires to live a life that glorifies God above all and prides herself on being unapologetically authentic. In her spare time, Tekita loves reading, writing, traveling, cooking, concerts, sharing doggie cuddles with Roxie, and spending time with loved ones. She is an avid music lover, prefers 90s R&B over most new music, and is best friends (in her head) with Brandy and Beyoncé. Her Pinterest boards are filled with natural hair tips, quirky quotes, and every wedding pin ever created (What can I say, Real Gs love romance!).

Connect with Tekita on Instagram and Twitter @tekitaapplebum.

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