Pedestal Poetry: A Love Letter to America

The Pedestal Project regulars features creative pieces submitted by our readers in our Pedestal Poetry series. If you are a Black woman and have any pieces that you’d like featured on the site, please send submissions to

Dear my Beloved America,

I’m sure when God created you, this is not what he intended

It can’t be
It’s not your fault though

You were living in your God-given greatness before being raped of all that was good of you

I’m sorry your roots have been poisoned with hate causing the fruit you bear to die by the second

the sun shines on them.

I’m sorry I live in fear of you.

Once thriving, providing nourishment
now plagued with death

Darkness seems to follow you wherever you go

What little light is left gets overshadowed by the voice of the rapist

Those who try to no avail to save you are crushed like your natives

Oh, the generational curse

I wish I had some words of wisdom, some encouragement
Something to let you know healing it just over the horizon

But I’d be lying

You can’t heal, because you don’t believe you’re sick

I wish I felt safe in your arms
Instead I’m terrified that the blood from your broken heart will bleed on me

Like many before me facing the wrath of your trauma

My Beloved America

You deserved better

The on-purpose casualty

– DaiJhah Owens (c) 2019


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