3 Uses for your Moon Water 

By Tanay Adams

So now that you’ve written out your intentions and spoke them into a jar of water under a full or new moon; it’s now time to collect that moon-charged water before the sun comes up and make some plans for it. I usually just stick it in the fridge and go back to bed until I have time to put it to use, and for a long time that use was just… well, drinking it. Of course it was nothing like guzzling it down straight from the jar; I would just drink some  if I felt like I needed an extra boost for the day. If I was noticing that I was having a lot of negative thoughts throughout the day, or if I was having some trouble feeling grounded; I’d pour a cup and take a sip. Eventually, I began to wonder that with all the energy and time needed to make this water, there must be other meaningful uses of it, rather than just drinking it. There’s a lot of information about the making of moon water, but when it comes to how to use it; sometimes the information falls short, especially about how to integrate these practices into our very Blackity-Black life. However; I am here once again, to let you know that you already do all of the things needed in order to work this moon water for you, because as Black women we are naturally magical. So here are 3 ways to incorporate and use your moon water throughout the month, and sprinkle that Black Girl Magic into every little thing you do.

  1. Add it to your hair product’s

Whether you make your own hair products or buy them; chances are you’re using them daily, which creates a perfect opportunity for you to bless your head and nourish your hair. I have loc’s, so I spray a homemade mixture on my hair every day which is primarily water, and the water that  I use is almost always moon water. Like that olive oil, they used to rub on our foreheads in church, spraying my head with that charged water helps me feel peace and brings me a sense of clarity for the day. If you don’t make your own hair products; that’s fine too! Just add a little to your favorite moisturizer, or spray it as is over your head.

  1. Use it to charge your practices

So essentially this tip is to “just drink it”, but to do it with intention and during sacred practices. I mentioned that I used to drink the moon water whenever I needed a boost, but I would also suggest that you sip it before you do anything that feels spiritual so that you and your intentions are charged by the water. You can sip it before you give or receive a tarot card reading, before meditating, before having sex, or experiencing a massage, or praying, and or even sleeping. If you are doing any of these things with strong spiritual intentions; add that charged moon water to it and put some power behind it. You can also give it to your pets and plants to aid them in your intentions for them; whether that is to grow, stay healthy, or provide a general sense of calmness to their day.

  1. Use it for cleansing

This is probably my favorite use of moon water; especially if I’m using new moon water, and this tip goes for cleaning objects and self. At the beginning of each month, I like to do a bit of a house reset, which involves light to moderate cleaning, charging my crystals, and wiping down the doors and floors. When I’m filling my soap bucket, I like to add some Florida and Moon water to the mixture to help spiritually cleanse the house and help draw in the intentions I spoke into the water under the new moon. This helps attract what I am manifesting for myself and my home, as well as prepare my home to receive the blessings I am manifesting. For self and object cleaning, I like to combine a mix of Florida water, moon water, and my favorite aromatherapy oils in a spray bottle to spray my pillows before I sleep, and myself before I go out into the world. Spraying my pillows with this moon water mixture not only helps me get to sleep, but sleeping near moon water helps with clarifying dreams, as well as focusing them on what I’m manifesting. It also is just nice to smell great things before bed. 

There are countless other uses for moon water, mainly because of how versatile and essential water is in our general day to day, so maybe you find yourself adding moon water to a cup of hot tea before bed, or using it in a face wash in the morning; just remember that it doesn’t work unless you work it.

Tanay Adams – Tanay M.A. is a contributing writer for the Pedestal Project, LLC. Tanay’s passions lie in holistic education and creative/poetry writing; both are heavily influenced by her love of Black Women, and her love of creation. You can follow her on Instagram @theamazingtanayzing.

2 thoughts on “3 Uses for your Moon Water 

  1. Abeautifulintellect77 November 19, 2021 — 7:13 PM

    Never thought of this. Great post


  2. Yes! I usually like to save my moon water for brewing teas or making Yoni blends, loved this ❤


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