This Ain’t Ciara’s Prayer, but God still Heard Me

By Aaliyah Moore

So my prayer wasn’t necessarily Ciara’s, but just like God had the power to do it for her, He did it for me too…

A few months back, I wrote a blog where I talked about re-entering the dating scene. As reluctant as I was to get back out there, I knew I had to put that fear to the side because if I truly desired love and to be married one day, there was no way I could run from dating forever. Fast forward to now, and I’m literally in awe that I still have such a positive outlook on loving someone and allowing someone to love me, again. It’s really amazing.

A few years ago when I was fresh out of a breakup and navigating singleness, I decided it was necessary to sit down with my journal and be intentional and write down what I truly wanted and deserved in a man. I’ve always believed that our words have power and that before we ever see something, we have to speak it. So here’s what I wrote:

What I want/ deserve in a man

  • a man who follows God
  • a man who will be truthful with me
  • a man who makes me feel secure
  • a man who understands his role as a man
  • a man who practices communication
  • a man who is consistent
  • a man who shows up without question
  • a man I am attracted to and look forward to talking to and spending time with

I’ve kept this journal entry close for years, and have often revisited it to be reminded of what I said I wanted to see manifest in my life. What’s interesting is that when I wrote it, I didn’t realize that before God could send this type of man to me, there was so much development I needed as a woman to allow me to be ready when God allowed this man to walk into my life. I believe this quote to be true:

I didn’t get anything I prayed for until I became the type of person that should receive it.”

Many times in our lives, we want God to do something for us, but rarely ever take into account what God might need us to do on our ends. If I was asking God to send me a partner who possessed such attributes, I had to ask myself, but do I mirror these same qualities? And truth be told, it’s been a real eye-opening journey realizing that I still have work to do in these areas.

All in all, though, I share these sentiments here really to encourage anyone who may have doubts about God’s ability to send the “right one” their way. I heard for years that “when you know, you know,” and I honestly didn’t believe it, until now. If you’re sincere in what you’re asking for, God is no shorter than what He says in words. He said if we delight ourselves in Him, He’d give us the desires of our hearts.

And He did that, just for me.

Aaliyah Moore is a contributing writer for the Pedestal Project, LLC.

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