Reclaiming your Power

By DaiJhah Owens

I’m not sure about anyone else, but it seems like 2021 has been just as heavy or even heavier for folks than 2020 was. That’s my story at least. Friends, co-workers, family members, the clients I serve at work; it seems like everyone’s fighting multiple battles that have been exasperated by the Covid Pandemic. With so much going on, it can feel like you have no control over your life. It can be so overwhelming that just getting ready in the morning is a huge accomplishment. So, when life gets to be too much and we feel powerless towards our circumstances, how can we reclaim our power? How can we keep faith when everything around us screams defeat?

When hoping and working to reclaim your power it starts with realizing that your power never left you. It has just become more difficult to tap into as all your energy and focus goes towards survival. When I am trying to tap into my inner power, it helps to journal what has been stealing my energy. Sitting with my uncomfortable circumstances, seeing them on paper, helps to make them less scary. It empowers me to look at the parts I have control over and the parts that I need extra support or resources for. This one simple act, 15 mins of journaling, can assist you with uncovering the power that lies within.

Talk to yourself. This might sound a little out there, but you will be pleasantly surprised by how soothing it can be. When we feel powerless, it is typically due to being extremely emotionally activated for whatever reason. When we speak to ourselves, it is reminding your body who is in control. Our thoughts and feelings can run rampant causing us distress. When we speak out loud to ourselves, we are tapping into our power to 1) remind our body we are safe 2) remind our body that we have coping skills and we don’t have to resort back to survival mode.

Lastly, self-compassion is the greatest tool you have on your journey to reclaiming your power. Why you ask? Because your tough circumstances have probably caused you some level of shame and guilt. The only way to combat feelings of shame and guilt is compassion. Acknowledging where you are in life, how far you have come, and how well you are doing despite your circumstances goes a long way. Self-compassion gives your body and minds safe shelter from the harshness of this world.

Take a pause, breathe in deeply, breathe out slowly, wrap your arms around yourself and squeeze tightly. Whisper to yourself “I got us”.

 DaiJhah Owens is a Contributing Writer for the Pedestal Project, LLC. DaiJhah is passionate about shifting political power to oppressed groups through education. She believes there is nothing more powerful than an educated black woman who can smell political BS a mile away! Connect with her on Instagram at @d_nakhole!

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