InseCURED: Thank you Issa

By Jasmine Kelly

As we all know, this season is the final one for Insecure. Insecure, is a Black show that details the everyday experiences and complexities of Black young adults. The show first premiered in July of 2017 and I (along with the rest of Black Twitter) have been hooked ever since. I have never seen a show like Insecure until I watched it.

Insecure means so much to not only me but Black culture because it actively depicts Black people in their 20s and 30s not “having it all together.” Viewers got to see such through characters such as Issa, Molly, Lawrence, Tiffany, and Kelli. Insecure is special because Issa does a wonderful job of showcasing young Black people not having it all figured out and that being okay! Yes, Molly has her finances together and a wonderful career, but her love life is far from perfect. Issa was in a relationship, but we quickly saw how she was unsatisfied and how the dynamics of such shifted. Black men had the chance to see the nuances of love, life, and sex that “good guys” like Lawrence encountered as well. Insecure even brought further attention to the challenges that new mothers face as we all witness Tiffany deal with postpartum depression and navigate life as a new mom.

Insecure means so much to me because it is not a show that is tragically Black. It is a Black show that depicts Black people encountering life and its nuances. Yes, I can be totally triggered while watching but I am not traumatized. There is a difference. 

Issa not only did something for Black culture but for Black life. Issa showcased what REAL life for young adults can look like. Our lives are beautiful, chaotic, confusing, fun, scary and at times we can feel Insecure. Nonetheless, it is ours. 

Thank you, Issa. 

Jasmine Kelly is a contributing writer for the Pedestal Project, LLC. Jasmine is a higher education professional who believes in the powers of Black Twitter. You can follow her on Instagram @chicomydusty.

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