Who Are You Alone?

By Heather Macon

Do you ever sit with yourself and wonder, who am I when I am alone?

The outside world around us is often noisy, exhausting, and individually, we need replenishing. The question of who we are when we are alone stems from the release of conversation, expectation, and us extending our energy to others. Spending time alone can allow you to experience the grace, emotionally tune in with yourself and begin to fill in vast spaces of puzzling thoughts with patience, peace, and tranquility.

When I am alone, I begin to reflect on who I am in the present moment. I tune into my thoughts, feelings, and surroundings. I am a person who disconnects and withdraws. When I am alone, I am me.

I allow the sun to creep up on me in the subtlest ways, the stillness in my bedroom to be the blueprint affirming me to pause, I reflect, and my personal views of self-care begin to expand. Over time, I’ve learned that being alone to focus, re-group, and overall reach new heights of my understanding is essential. Bits and pieces of the spaces around me fill the quiet spaces in which I find myself, and almost every time, something new is revealed to me.

It’s in quiet, still spaces where I find myself. It can be a place of rediscovery and triumph. Understand that it is okay to experience days where you may enjoy your solitude more than the company of others.
Being alone, connecting with self, and allowing outside noises to decrease can allow for restoration. In multiple aspects, restoration is essential for our mind, body, and overall being.

When you are alone, allow your independence, light, and individuality to fill all the present space. You deserve alone time and self-compassion. If you are craving solitude, disconnect and re-center with yourself. Laughter alone and intentional solitude is where you can find answers to your riveting thinking.

Rest is essential.

Heather Macon is a contributing writer for the Pedestal Project, LLC. Heather is a creative who enjoys art in all forms. You can follow her on Twitter @HJanaii.

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