Retro Reads: A Belle in Brooklyn: The Go-to Girl Advice on Living Your Best Single Life

By Jasmine Kelly

Everyone is going back to what WORKED for them in the past because clearly, 2020 is full of uncertainty. It is no secret that everyone has been finding solace in things of the past that are tried and true. While some people have been watching their favorite shows from the past on Netflix or Hulu, I have found joy in fun reads.

I am already obsessed with Demetria Lucas because she is a go-getter, truth-teller, world traveler (check out her hashtag on Instagram #seesomeworld), and all-around Black Girl Magic representative. A Belle in Brooklyn, in my opinion, is a written vignette style. In each chapter, she explains a significant moment or person in her life. In some chapters, she presents different thought processes. I like the book because it is a fun read and offers a glimpse into her personal life. She is candid.

Backing it up a little, if you don’t know who Demetria Lucas is, let me catch you up. She is known as “The Black Carrie Bradshaw.” I would say she is socially but not in a delusional manner was Carrie. No shade to Carrie, I loved Sex and the City, but you know what I mean. Demetria is a journalist and the host of the Rachet and Respectable podcast that you can access anywhere that podcasts are available.

The book offers real-life anecdotes that you will find intrigue. Do check it out.

Jasmine Kelly is a contributing writer for the Pedestal Project, LLC. Jasmine is a higher education professional who believes in the powers of Black Twitter. You can follow her on Instagram @chicomydusty.

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