Why Black Women Are Excited About Kamala Harris

By Chanel Davis

I bet you can recall where you were at the exact moment you saw or heard the announcement of the newest president-elect Joe Biden and his vice president Kamala Harris. It gave me similar flashbacks to where I received the news that President Obama won in 2008. Upon the news breaking, my timelines were filled with incredibly proud fellow black women elated at Harris’s news of being the next Vice-President! Take the time to soak it in!

This is the first time in the history of the United States Kamala will be the first-ever female elected as our vice president and African American woman of Asian descent who is an HBCU graduate and member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated. I became emotional because it reminded me that my dreams would never be unobtainable. It was a reminder that the sky is the limit. I am my roadblock, and I can change the course of history one day at a time, moment to moment, and even when I do not always realize the impact of my existence.

I was most excited to fanaticize of all the little black girls in our country that can witness this moment in history. They, too, get to see someone who looks like them in places and positions this country has never seen. To be able to look at my niece and truly, honestly tell her she can be the next president or vice president is an indescribable feeling. I want to shout to the hills that I, too, possess black girl magic!

A game-changer has taken place to display to the world that black women are doing their thing! We are getting the job done while juggling the household, family, entering and creating opportunities while inspiring the world. There is not one person who can take away your potential. No words meant to harm, no discouragement from haters, or disbelief from those who dare not to think as big as you do. Black women are continuing to be the trendsetters that we are. No longer will we wait aside for someone to do the work for us.

As our Vice-President Harris addressed the nation with her victory speech, she stated, “Though I may be the first woman in the office, I won’t be the last.” That statement is our cue, ladies! A mental sound alert of action to further build a better future for ourselves, our children, and the generations to follow. Let’s continue to choose empathy over the way we live in our democracy. Statistics showed that women accounted for 57 percent of the total votes in the 2020 election. Of that percentage, it was recorded that 9 out of 10 black women voted for Biden and Harris totaling a riveting 80 percent.
This is a clear indicator that we, as black women, have voices that matter! Let us continue to let our voices be heard until we see the changes we are fighting for every day while at work and in our communities. The future is female, with the black woman leading the way.

I will leave you with that scripture to digest as you see fit!

“The least of you will become a thousand,
    the smallest a mighty nation.
I am the Lord;
    in its time I will do this swiftly.”

Isaiah 60:22 NIV

Chanel Davis is a Contributing Writer for the Pedestal Project, LLC. Chanel is the creator and operator of the Diary Of A Chocolate Girl podcast aiming to connect with chocolate girls all over through personal experiences and opinions with mild humor and a spiritual flare. Be sure to connect on IG and Facebook @diaryofachocolategirl.

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