Tap Tap Tap In… A Life of Luxury

By Madalyn McKnight

Black women and luxury are synonyms; to be honest, Black women in music have been encouraging the luxurious life for a long time. I remember seeing Mariah Carey’s episode of MTV’s Cribs and knew I was destined for greatness. Now that I am older, I realize I have been caught up in the degrees and hustle that I have not taken the time to smell the roses. I deserve that icy life Saweetie raps.

My birthday is coming up, and I realized that the entire last decade I planted, and this decade I have decided I will reap. The luxurious life does not include just bags and jewels; it is catering to myself in ways that enhance my current lifestyle and embrace the comforts that life can bring. I need more spa dates, more therapy, more reading, more scenery, and more time traveling with friends. People who uplift me is the luxury you really cannot put a price on.

There is nothing wrong with wanting the finer things in life, and you deserve to give yourself what you want, as long as it is within your means. It may be on your neck or your net worth, but you should always honor yourself and not wait on the circumstances you have invented. Your only competition is the woman staring back at you in the mirror. The sun shines a bit brighter after the rain and uses whatever storm you’ve been through and make it worth your while! Now is the time, because tomorrow isn’t promised. Invest in yourself, start that business, and tap into what makes you smile and stay there.

Photo by: Burak Cingi

Madalyn McKnight is a Assistant Editor for the Pedestal Project, LLC. A rare blackbird who has the range and a young black professional with impactful words! Follow her on Instagram and Facebook at @singsongblackbird and twitter @singsongblckbrd.

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    Black women being luxurious? We LOVE to see it! Taking notes from the head of the Icy Gang herself @saweetie , Maddy (@she_mad_kool ) encourages all women to tap in to the finer things in life because we ALL deserve to be celebrated, even if we have to do it ourselves! Check out the latest from the pedestal!


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