Pedestal Professional: Dr. Eve Hudson, The Purpose Professor

Pedestal Professionals is a weekly spotlight series on our blog that highlights Black women entrepreneurs who are forging new paths in their respective fields.

Meet this week’s Pedestal Professional, Dr. Eve Hudson, The Purpose Professor! If you have ever wanted to see the personification of a powerhouse Delta woman, look no further! Dr. Eve is a proud native of Charlotte, NC and has spread her professional magic all over the world. Upon earning her Ph.D. at the age of 28, she took the leap from traditional academia into an entrepreneurial journey like no other. Dr. Eve now leads the Purpose Professor, LLC, hosts The Purpose University Podcast, and has her clothing line, Purely Dope. But wait, there’s so much more! Dr. Eve is a celebrated inspirational speaker, spoken word poet, author, and a THICKpreneur advocate that celebrates plus-size entrepreneurs!  I have had the privilege of knowing Dr. Eve, working with her, and basking in the warmth of her glow for several years. I couldn’t think of a more fitting Pedestal Professional to kick off Sisterhood Month! We were honored to chat with Dr. Eve and learn about her journey!

Please tell us a little about your role as The Purpose Professor.

I am an inspirational speaker and author. I help others to create their best life through personal transformation. I typically work with colleges and universities where I collaborate with organizations to host events for students. Most of the events are aimed at helping students increase self-awareness so they may start on the journey to living fulfilling lives. One of my favorite topics to touch on is overcoming adversity where I like to engage students, especially those who have had challenging upbringings, to get them to sit light in their lives in spite of the darkness of their past.

Dr.Eve-25How did you get started?

I’d been a higher education professional for a number of years. I loved the work that I did, and even I tried my hand in a number of areas in higher education but kept feeling like something was missing. The aspect of what I loved about working in higher education was my involvement with students, more specifically pouring into them and helping them find their way as they transitioned into adulthood. I loved being in the classroom. I loved being called on to speak at programs.

I transitioned about two years ago from higher education. I was taking some time off to “get it together” mentally, emotionally, and physically. During my downtime, I continued to think about what I really enjoyed doing and the thing that is to me most was teaching, serving, and speaking to college students. After some brainstorming and deep reflecting, one thing kept coming to me: I needed to speak. It seems a little awkward at first, but it made sense. Looking back at my life, as far back as I could remember, speaking was the thing that really set me soul on fire. So, I decided to try to give myself an earnest shot at being an inspirational speaker focusing on the uplift of college students– a great way to blend my passions.

Besides, if I’m really honest, it was me deciding to not just think about my purpose but to actually walk in it.

Tell us about your educational journey.

When I went to college, I entered as a first-generation college student. I attend an HBCU, Shaw University (the FIRST HBCU in the South), on a full academic scholarship. After my time there, I had an opportunity to work. So, rather than go to graduate school right away, I took a year off to figure out what I wanted to do. I discovered Student Affairs/Higher Education was an actual thing that I could study, so I went off to graduate school to pick up a Master’s in Student Affairs.

The Master’s was about as far as I thought I’d go; however, a professor brought to my attention the idea of considering a Ph.D. I pondered on it for a bit, then realized–this might be a good idea. I applied for the Higher Education Administration program and rolled right into my Ph.D. the following fall. The rest is HERstory.

Dr.Eve-28What’s the most rewarding part of entrepreneurship?

To be candid, it’s freedom. The thing I couldn’t articulate wanting and/or needing during my time working in Higher Ed was freedom. Since making my transition, I’ve been able to take better care of myself. I’ve long suffered from anxiety, so being able to have more autonomy over my schedule has helped a lot in being able to manage it. Naturally, I’ve lost weight because I’m not stressing eating as much, most of my meals are cooked at home, and I’ve been able to be more consistent about sleeping and exercise. I joke with friends at times that entrepreneurship is a form of self-care for me, but… I really mean it.

In your opinion, what is unique about being a professional Black Woman?

I’d say that it’s finding your voice and in just the right space. It’s striving to bust down the barriers that society places on you while kicking ass at the same time. On the one hand, you know that you’re Black and a woman (double minority); however, you know that you have unlimited potential and the ability to do something epic. You can be fearful and do what’s normal, work a 9-5, or you can do what you were put on this earth to do and push through regardless of the hardships that lie ahead.

For me, the thing that’s totally changed my thoughts about being successful and supported as a Black woman entrepreneur is seeing all of the Black women who have seemingly come out of nowhere, but are committed to helping me push my agenda forward.

Dr.Eve-22What’s your business mantra?

Be Resilient. Be Authentic. Be Intentional.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to aspiring Black women entrepreneurs?

Trust yourself, and surround yourself with solid people.

How can people learn more about your products and services?

Visit my website at or follow me on Instagram using the handle @evehudsonphd.

Is there anything else you would like The Pedestal Project readers to know?

I can be booked for speaking engagements at For those interested in purchasing a copy of my book, they can do so at


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