Black Women Have Needs Too

By Anonymous


I needed to be touched. It had been a while for me. It had not been a while. It was March, and March was not worth it. March was a waste of time. Make no mistake about it; I handle my business. I have done and do the “things.” You know, educated, good job, the handling of personal responsibilities. I even have a good rotation of calling my grandmothers every week. Still, though, something was missing. I kept thinking; I needed to be touched, I needed to be sexually desired.

My thoughts came to fruition.

I unexpectedly received one of those “I’m in your city for the weekend” text messages. Soon as I read the name of the sender, my heart fluttered. We haven’t interacted in three years, and last time was amazing. Never one to assume, I played it cool. I responded, “Oh yeah?” He replied, “Yes.” I didn’t know his plans, but I had to be in them if he informed me of his potential arrival. I played it cool and texted them that if he has time, he should come through.

He came through.

I can’t think of any other word except amazing. It was amazing; our interaction was everything and very much so needed on my end. My skin was soft, I was sexy, and he felt good. I took in and noticed everything about him, eyes, hands, back, stance—a man. Words had no place with us. We didn’t waste time.

The way I was touched, kissed, and desired was good for me. I needed to be sexually seen. I needed to be felt sexually and to feel sexual. I needed to express myself physically. I needed my mouth to make certain sounds and my body to move in various ways. I needed to experience myself with someone who was worthy. I needed to know that she was still there. I still had it.


I felt recharged. I was so glad that I released that sexual energy that was building up inside of me. I also confirmed something I have always known about myself. I am a sexual being, and fulfilling that need pleasingly is essential. It’s vital to aspects of my happiness and my peace of mind depending on what is happening. I am glad that I chose to honor myself in that way and share myself with someone else when I decided to. We exchanged good energy. I have been smiling ever since.

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