Black Women Are Upgrading & Leveling Up

By Quasha Ross

I’m all for a good upgrade here and there. Usually, we upgrade because we want a better model, and if the old model is malfunctioning, why not splurge on something a bit newer. We also can apply this idea to the men in our lives. If the one you’re with is acting up, why not put that to rest and go for something less problematic.

For example, let’s take Lori Harvey’s; she had a bit of fun with the rapper Future. Still, she soon realized that the situation was malfunctioning and decided to opt for something newer, with less mileage and less baggage. Observing the situation, Future is clearly still salty that Lori has moved on swiftly and professionally. He’s still dissing her in songs, so of course, he’s in his feelings about the situation, but a Michael B. Jordan on my arm would definitely leave me feeling unbothered. Unless I missed it, I haven’t seen Lori anywhere talking about how trash Future is, but he’s ego-tripping, despite having a whole girlfriend.

So, this is why we’re leaving these men on read. We all have that one dude from our past that is probably still throwing dirt on our name, even though he was the toxic one. He was the one that asked for all his stuff back when he realized you weren’t coming back. He’s the one that you leave on read every time he pops up in your dm’s talking about, “Hey Stranger.” Don’t let my ex dude pop back up! I’m in a whole different state, bruh! It’s the pettiness for me. Why must a man stoop so low to call out a woman for moving on to greener pastures. There’s only one explanation; he knows he’ll never be a greener pasture for any woman. That ship has sailed.

Needless to say, these are the men we leave on read. We gave you a chance to be great in our lives, but instead, you squandered the opportunity. Women are tired of responding to little-too-late text messages and dm’s asking for second and third chances. We are reclaiming the power that we’ve always had, and we are choosing to walk away from relationships that don’t serve us. Truth be told, some men who reappear in the inbox either can’t find someone better because you were the best or thought they had options that they didn’t. Some of them realized too late that you were a good thing, and now they want you back. Unfortunately, we are not reconsidering old candidates. Thanks for reapplying, but we’ve already arranged for an upgrade.

In the words of Ciara, another one of Future’s exes, “Level Up.”

Quasha Rossis a contributing writer for the Pedestal Project, LLC. She’s a creative writer who believes writing is a true art form. Find Quasha on Instagram @quashaross_

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