Black Women Don’t Do It Yourself

By Kee Smith

As black women, I think we’ve all been conditioned to or naturally have the ability to get sh*t done on our own. We’re all very good at not needing anyone to make things happen. We have a laser-sharp vision where no obstacle is too big, and we will accomplish our goals by any means necessary, especially as it relates to business. Although I love that for us, I’ve seen firsthand how useful it is to have help in building my brand. Here’s a little #keenote: A solid team will take you further, faster. I know most of us had probably become accustomed to just getting things done on our own, especially when we were knee-deep in quarantine. The greatest lesson I’ve learned while doing my best to build my brand from the ground up, all while being a full-time mom, overtime employee, and a virtual friend, because I don’t have enough time management skills to be an in-person friend, is sometimes doing it all yourself isn’t the way to get it done.

Believe me, when I tell you that I’m the queen of “it’s fine, I’ll figure it out,” and nine times out of ten, I do figure it out. The issue is in that exact nine times out of ten; I probably made my life that much more challenging; that doesn’t mean that you always have to pay to outsource whatever task it is, although if you’re able to, I say do it because you get what you pay for; however, even asking a friend to help out by picking up the copies, acting as point person in projects, or even just watching the kids while you run to the post office to ship out orders, can make a huge difference in ensuring the success or achievement of a business goal. My thing has always been that if I do it all myself, not only do I save money, but I remove the stress of having to wait on someone else.

Over the last six months or so, I’ve learned that even though I may not necessarily save money having an extra helping hand, I haven’t necessarily spent any extra money by having one either. The job gets done twice as fast and just as efficiently; building a team of individuals who not only understand your vision but believe in it just as much as you do also keeps you motivated and inspired. In some way or another, it holds you accountable and makes the tough days a little easier. You don’t have to share everything with everyone on your team if that’s not your thing, but you can certainly choose which topics or tasks you are willing to share and go from there. I’m still learning the ropes of this whole build your brand thing, but building my team has become a staple in this journey. So, if you were looking for a sign, whether or not you should accept an intern or hire an employee …this is your sign. Build your team. Lay your foundation & grow your business with help!

Kee Smith is a contributing writer and is a homie, lover and friend and always “write” on time. Be sure to connect on IG @_ _ _lowkee.

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