Illuminating Your Light In Your Current Season

By Heather Macon

Often times, there is this notion while you’re in a place of hurt, you can’t be healing, growing and experiencing joy at the same time. It’s possible, I live almost every day as such. Sometimes, even I struggle with the thought: “I can’t enjoy happiness and joy while I’m aching.” Aching from exhaustion, the high-expectations I set for myself and all the small worries in between. At times, my focus is heavily shifted.

I see my blessings clearly, even on the worst days. The colors of life present themselves upon canvases that come in various shapes, sizes, textures and presenters. It’s easy to get wrapped up in your own thoughts and feel as though you aren’t doing enough when in fact, you may be doing just enough. Lately, reminding myself that it is truly productive to rest and be patient has served a great purpose.

Being honest with yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can share with you. The gift of honesty is truly appreciated when being reciprocated between you and another but it can seem challenging when we have to be honest with ourselves. 

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I wrote a letter to myself this morning.

I allowed silence to guide me, creativity to flow through me and I welcomed unfinished sentences. With all the affirmations present, I reminded myself to enter into any space today and continuing with more patience and grace for myself.

A note from my journal:

Sometimes your light may be dim, but that doesn’t mean that the brightness illuminating doesn’t have purpose. It is important to remember that you are more than your titles and what you can do for others; you are elevating within your own timeline. Self-doubt may creep upon you in unrecognizable ways but don’t allow that to define how you continue to move forward with your deepest desires. There will be days where you will fall short of your own expectations, and there will be days where you surprise even yourself.

This love note to myself served as a reminder and as a keepsake; it was equivalent to a positive embrace. The subtle reminder to be honest with myself and to continue living in my truth. Every day, I am finding new ways to fall in love with myself, challenging others to do the same. Every day, I am living out my purpose and new opportunities are unfolding.

Spring is here.

You may be going through a storm, let it rain. As the sun begins to peak out, allow yourself grace. As the days’ grow allow your heart to expand. You are a caterpillar waiting to expand wings of beauty, creativity and new beginnings. Think of yourself as a beacon of light, even to your yourself. I encourage you to love on yourself more in all the ways that make you who you are, show up in a way that is conducive to your growth.

Don’t underestimate yourself, keep striving.

Heather Macon is a contributing writer for the Pedestal Project, LLC. Heather is a creative who enjoys art in all forms. You can follow her on Twitter @HJanaii

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