Are Black Women Safe Anywhere We Go?

By Chanel Davis

Every Black woman has a story they can tell about a time they feared for their life. Whether it was while being in a relationship, walking to your car at night, or being cat-called walking past a group of men., we have all had that overwhelming feeling combined with the thought of, “Is this it?”

The thought of always keeping yourself out of harm’s way is often an exhausting cycle. Do you leave early to avoid any mishaps? Did you remember to text your circle of friends and loved ones your location while going on a first date? Will they harm me if I do not give them my actual number?

Black women are always classified as a “strong”, society forgets we are humans too and perpetuates the misperception we do not need protection. We need protection and treated as the most prized possession. We should be just as protected as our male counterparts and not only when one can benefit from our loyalty in times of need. The idea of always being hesitant to do even a simple task alone will never be ok. The culture of always mentally planning a scenario in one’s head for a probable safe execution should not be a way to live.

It has been embedded in women to operate under the possibility of being harmed. Double-checking locks and windows to make sure your home is secure. You are holding pepper spray or car keys in your hand while walking to your car at night. You are checking the back seat when you get in your vehicle. Pretend to return interest to get away safely.

In a perfect world, there would be no need to live in fear but feel comfortable in all spaces and around all individuals without feeling less than intimidated or as the intimidator, viewed as the weaker being, the aggressor, or the lower rank.

So I pose the question, where in the world are Black women safe, and are we consciously creating those safe spaces for other Black women?

Chanel Davis is a contributing writer and the creator and operator of the Diary Of A Chocolate Girl podcast aiming to connect with chocolate girls all over through personal experiences and opinions with mild humor and a spiritual flare. Be sure to connect on IG and Facebook @DiaryofaChocolateGirl

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