What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas

By Chanel Davis

During this time of year, you see many commercials and advertisements of gift ideas being depicted by families with parents and their children around a dinner table or a giant Christmas tree with gifts underneath. Everyone is cheerful and full of joy. It’s the norm. But how often, if ever, have you seen a single individual enjoying Christmas alone with a cup of hot cocoa and presents? NEVER. 

As a single black female with no children, I feel that the holidays are traditionally a time to appreciate family and loved ones. But during COVID, the holidays are different. Without a significant other or a family, sometimes it can seem quite lonely without being surrounded by people. I have to remind myself in my season of singleness whatever my heart’s desires are; they will be fulfilled one day. But for the time being, there is a great pleasure in being single. One, we get to save money, haha!

Well, that is one plus! But if you find yourself feeling lonely, find ways to cheer yourself up with reminders of the things you are grateful for! Holidays are not necessarily only for family, but a time to be thankful and reflect on the year as it comes to a close. Everyone has desires of the heart they wish to one day see come into fruition. And having the desires of a family is not a negative. I believe in speaking what you want to be in existence.  So whether it’s to have a big family, lots of children, or a house full of pets, all those things can be yours in due time. 

As much as I desire a nice, tall chocolate man to have his arms wrapped around me for the holiday’s feeding me cherry cordials, I will remain joyful and bask in the enjoyment of my existence until I am well equipped as God sees fit for me to be someone’s significant other and ultimately a wife.

So while you enjoy time alone, here are a few things to keep you occupied and joyful:

  1. You have made it through another year whole and healthy!
  2. It’s a great time to send reminders to loved ones how much you care via email, Christmas cards, or a FaceTime call.
  3. Decorations always make a girl happy! Find some creative ways to make your space seasonally cheerful with a little extra sparkle!
  4. Find your favorite Christmas tracks or any songs that make you happy.
  5. If you need a reminder, read the book of Luke. It has 25 chapters, which is an excellent reminder of why Jesus is the reason for the season!
  6. Find your favorite holiday movie, put on your onesie, and pour your favorite beverage!

So you don’t have to have a significant other and children to add extra joy to your holidays! There are plenty of different ways to remain cheerful of the season. Whether a family is near or far, you can always connect in alternate ways to express your gratitude.

Happy Holidays are meant for both those single and taken!

Chanel Davis is a Contributing Writer for the Pedestal Project, LLC. Chanel is the creator and operator of the Diary Of A Chocolate Girl podcast aiming to connect with chocolate girls all over through personal experiences and opinions with mild humor and a spiritual flare. Be sure to connect on IG and Facebook @diaryofachocolategirl.

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