How to Assert Yourself Professionally in the Digital Workspace

By Jasmine Kelly

As if going into work physically did not already have its difficulties, try throwing in a global pandemic and Zoom meetings every hour on the hour! (Screams) Okay, whew, I’m back. The bottom line is that even though we’re experiencing a pandemic, work still needs to be done and it must be done effectively and I’m here to help you.


  1. Miss Info: Remain aware of what is being done professionally in your field and send those articles to your co-workers and/or office buddies. Remember that we are all in front of our screens more than usual nowadays so use your own discretion when deciding how frequently you share cool career content.


  1. Recognize what’s needed: You know that project that your office has been working on, but everyone’s documents doesn’t have a central place to go? Save the day by creating either a Google doc or a specialized folder where everyone can work from. Small improvements can make a big difference. Such tasks are almost always recognized from leadership.


  1. Help out: If you notice that your workload is a little light and you have the capacity to take on more tasks, do so! Simply ask your manager or peers how you can assist them in any extra projects or tasks. Everyone loves a team player, and this could possibly open up your professional network more. You may have the chance to work with those who you have always admired but didn’t know how to approach.


  1. Speak up: Make it a point to make a contribution to status update calls when you have them. Even if you don’t have anything to say from your area, listen to colleagues to see if you can offer critique or to simply compliment them on a task or program well executed. Doing this lets people know that you are in the know beyond your area of responsibility.


Jasmine Kelly is a contributing writer for the Pedestal Project, LLC. Jasmine is a higher education professional who believes in the powers of Black Twitter. You can follow her on Instagram @chicomydusty.

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