My New Motto: Just Get It Done

By Ashley Williams

I did not make New Year’s resolutions in preparation for the new year. It’s not because I don’t have goals or things I hope to accomplish this year. I think it may have been because I felt like I hit a peak. I knew that in the year 2020 great things were to come, things I could have never imagined. I hadn’t really thought much about life after graduate school. I knew I wanted a really good job and I got it! So, I guess I was feeling like… now what?

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Well, in actuality there were things I hope to accomplish in life after grad school. I had put it to the side for so many years because of school. Writing. A year ago, I decided to push myself into writing more by becoming involved with this blog. I felt like it was a way to hold myself accountable. And it worked! I saw myself grow as a writer. But I know my heart always craved more. I knew that my writing could push me further.

Right before the new year, I thought that I should rebrand myself and my abandoned personal blog. I’ve wanted to write a novel for so long, so I brought some prompt books. I started to create a logo, I thought about buying the rights to my new brand name, and I even planned to upgrade my word press. But once January 1st hit, I completely abandoned these goals and became tunnel focused on my amazing new job. I am loving my new job!

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As we move through February, I know that I cannot continue to use another responsibility as an excuse not to write. I have to remember to feed into myself the way I feed into others. So here I am on February 1st, writing my 2020 New Years resolutions:

1. Hit confirm on my wordpress cart

2. Rebrand and relaunch my personal blog

3. Write the damn novel. Just write…

Unrelated resolutions, but still important:

4. Get my LMSW Licensure

5. Drink more water, cut out pop and high fructose corn syrup out of my diet

6. Use the gym membership that I am paying for.

My motto for this year is JUST. GET. IT. DONE.

Ashley Williams is a Contributing Writer for the Pedestal Project, LLC.

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