Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow

I count myself among those who can control their emotions but social media can really bring the best and worst out of a person. I see some things that make want to comment and GO OFF and I see things that really warm my heart. So for every racist commenting on crime in my hometown, I think of the family members that have found each other. Donors connecting with recipients and people who have talent that gets discovered because an on-looker recorded an off guard moment. They say it really is what you make it! Some tips for keeping cool when the ignorance of social media ramps up?

  1. Unplug for a few hours or days and learn something new. I am in school so my dissertation takes up my free time, but I cannot wait to finish so that I can read recreationally! It’s hard to pick up a book when I have to do so much research. I am also looking into some dance courses and getting into the gym. I am not getting any younger and I want life to pass me by scrolling through instagram pages!
  2. Instead of perusing casually, look for ways to be purposeful. This can include promoting a business, starting a side hustle or a creative outlet, or use it to advance yourself professionally. LinkedIn is a site that is great for connecting and learning what’s going on in the professional world in every sector imaginable. For an introvert like me, it’s perfect for networking.
  3. Spend as much time doing something in real life as you do on your phone. My friends are the best. The time we spend together is fabulous and I rarely have to pick up my phone. Great conversation goes a long way! Instead of a thread on facebook or twitter, if you’re near your friends. SEE THEM. And travel the world with them! Call them and hear their voice, even if it’s just to see how their day went!
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Social media is a place that looks glamorous. Everybody has it together, everybody has their dream job, and everybody’s relationships are perfect. This is not the case at all and do not be fooled by the illusion people are able to create for the internet. Live in your own truth and do not compare your journey. I love perusing Beyonce’s Instagram as much as the next stan but I have a life too! It’s time I start living!

Madalyn McKnight is a Contributing Writer for the Pedestal Project, LLC. A rare blackbird who has the range and a young black professional with impactful words! Follow her on Instagram and Facebook at @singsongblackbird and twitter @singsongblckbrd

2 thoughts on “Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow

  1. Really good advice here, I find great joy and peace just sitting by myself meditating before bed instead of scrolling though my newsfeed!

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  2. Reblogged this on Singin' Blackbird and commented:

    I mean no offense when I say… GET A LIFE and get off social media every once and a while! Check out my latest @pedestalproject post!


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