Pedestal Professional: Syrenia Johnson, Creator of Serene Ambition

Pedestal Professionals is a weekly spotlight series on our blog that highlights Black women entrepreneurs who are forging new paths in their respective fields.

Meet Syrenia Johnson, a dynamic helping professional who can truly do it all! Syrenia hails from Duck Hill, MS and is a Certified Mindset Coach/ Licensed Social Worker. As the Creator of Serene Ambition, she uses her blog to provide both virtual and in-person resources and services to those who are unsure of how their interests connect to a passion and career. She is also a fierce champion for equity, access, and resources. She advocates for minorities and strives to create a safe space for individuals who are stigmatized by mental health, marginalization, and disadvantage. Learn more about her journey below!


Please tell us a little about your role with Serene Ambition.

With Serene Ambition, my focus is empowering others to live their best lives. I coach individuals in changing their mindsets to think outside of the box. In my role, I hope to create a safe space for those who don’t quite fit in with the societal norms. I am a licensed master social worker and certified life coach who aims to empower twenty-somethings and millennials to live their best lives. My services can be rendered in-person locally or nationwide virtually.

IMG_9999How did you get started?

I’ve always been the friend everyone comes to for advice or solace, so it wasn’t hard to decide that I wanted to do this for a living. People literally started telling me their problems in line at the grocery store or at the mall. It started to become very clear to me that this was not only a career but a calling. So, here we are!

Tell us about your educational journey.

I received my Bachelor of Social Work degree and Psychology from the University of Mississippi in 2014. I received my Master of Social Work degree with a concentration in Mental Health from the University of Texas at Arlington. I am currently pursuing my Doctorate of Social Work Degree with a concentration in clinical expertise at Walden University.

IMG_9955What’s the most rewarding part of entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is rewarding because your identity is attached to your brand. When people see you, they see your brand, not some agency or company that you work for.

In your opinion, what is unique about being a professional Black Woman?

Being a professional Black woman is unique because we are so versatile, hard-working, and powerful.

IMG_9614What’s your business mantra?

I strive to empower everyone to reach their highest potential mentally.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to aspiring Black women entrepreneurs?

It does not matter how many people are already in the industry with your niche. No one can do what you were called to do in that way that you do. Your message is unique.

How can people learn more about your products and services?

You can stay up to date by subscribing to my mailing list on my website and follow my social media handles. I can be found at,, and

Is there anything else you would like The Pedestal Project readers to know?

Value your peace of mind. It is your doctrine. Without it, you will not be able to function at the top of your game.

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