On The Rise: Olubukola (Bukky) Sobayo

On the Rise is a monthly series that highlights college-aged Black women and recent graduates who are poised to be the next generation of trailblazers!

Meet Bukky Sobayo, a force to be reckoned with! She is from Lagos, Nigeria and has an incredibly warm spirit with the beauty to match. Sobayo completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from Mississippi University for Women and currently works as a registered nurse (RN). She is not only making strides in the healthcare industry but also building a notable reputation in photography. Learn more about her journey below!

ethnic realCould you tell us about your college experience?

While in college I didn’t really push for leadership roles. To be honest, I just wanted to get a degree and get out of college, haha. I, however, got to a crossroad where I was stuck between being a Resident Assistant (RA) to be able to secure food and housing or find another job to be able to pay for these essentials. I opted for being an RA, and this leadership role ended up being one of the best opportunities that prepared me for the leadership roles I handle today as a nurse. Communication is everything in the workforce and being an international student with ineffective communication skills, I watched my communication skills improve due to the high level of interaction and engagement being an RA required. Today, I am no longer that shy, struggling, inarticulate international student. I communicate with patients, CNAs, LPNs, and physicians with so much confidence and fluidity which I developed from being an RA in college. If leadership roles aren’t your cup of tea, I encourage you to try at least one while in college just to see how you do. You have nothing to lose.

facebook)What are you current passion projects?

My long lasting, ever current passion project is photography. I love working with super creative photographers. A lot of photography ideas shuffle in and out of my head, and I love relying on my creativity and knowledge of photography to capture these ideas and share with people.

Solismagazinecontestwinner (1 of 10)Where do you see yourself in 1 year? 5 years?

A year from now, I’ll still be travel nursing. 2018 is definitely the year I’ll get to add a couple more countries to my list of places traveled. 5 years from now I’ll be rounding up my degree as a Certified Nurse Anesthetist! (This goal makes me simultaneously excited and nervous lol).

24958942_556159701403466_4159554890681091107_oIn your opinion, what is unique about being a college-aged Black woman?

What I find unique about being a college-aged black woman is being educated. To be educated is to be knowledgeable, and knowledge is powerful when applied. Running the race towards being educated in order to acquire the power to achieve greatness in life is laudable. However, getting educated in order to acquire the power to achieve greatness in life as a Black person is taking an aggressive approach towards securing your freedom in a society where freedom isn’t free… and that’s a game changer.

What is your personal motto?

I can, and I will. Period.

LAAAASSTWhat is the biggest lesson you have learned about yourself?

The biggest thing I’ve learned about myself is that I can do anything and everything I set my heart to do because the power of God in me is greater than any odd that may contend against me.


How can people learn more about your products, talents, or services?(i.e. social media, websites, etc.)

Follow me on social media! I’m pretty active on Instagram @ bukky_st.

Is there anything else you would like Pedestal Project readers to know?

Just a few words of encouragement.

Love is a gift of God to us; pay it forward. Let’s stand for each other so any contender that rises against one rises against all. Remember that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. We are that chain, and we have to help each other stand strong because we aren’t limited when we are united.

solis mag,keirim

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