Now Porsha, Girl IKYFL!

By Chanel Davis

How many of you are Real Housewives of Atlanta fans? If you are, then the title had you like girllllllll we already know! The shocking news of the engagement of Atlanta housewife Porsha Williams to a newly familiar face we saw this past season. The now fiancé is someone we got introduced to on our television screens on season 13 of RHOA. The only kicker is that he was introduced as someone else’s husband when filming, and the show airing, he was introduced as someone else’s husband!

The tea is piping hot!

In season 13, Porsha shares her story of fighting racial inequality while going through relationship troubles with her now ex-fiancé and child’s father, Dennis McKinley. Dennis seems to have a few run-ins with being seen around the city with different women. At the same time, Porsha was pregnant a few years back, which caused strain on the engagement that ultimately resulted in the two strictly co-parenting only. While flaunting her singleness this season along with the scandal of the male entertainer, BOLO, Porsha welcomes a new friend and face to the screen. The young, fun, beautiful Falynn Guobadia. Falynn is married to a multi-millionaire entrepreneur and business owner in Atlanta by the name of Simon Guobadia. He is a mutual business partner to Porsha’s child’s father, Dennis, who happens to be in the same market as Simon.

The friendship between Porsha and Falynn takes place as once most relatable that we all can relate to. Finding someone who has similar interests who runs in a close circle of those of the same class during a pandemic was something that seemed God-sent. Or was it?

The ladies filmed at Falynn’s beautiful mansion, where she hosted a girls’ day for Porsha, her sister Loren and other castmates, Tanya. The day consisted of a day by the luxurious pool while being served and pampered by Falynn over some common girl bonding. Now in this scene, we are also introduced to Falynn’s husband, Simon. His demeanor seems as expected. A warm welcome with heavy regards to his beautiful wife while referring to himself as being “well-trained” in catering to his wife’s wants and needs.

It seems like a pretty ordinary gathering, right?


After the season wrapped with the reunion airing and a recap of some of the season’s most steamy moments, we were soon shocked by the news that hit our phones the day after Mother’s Day where Porsha is seemly enjoying her day of being pampered and thanked for being the awesome mother that she is. The question arose of who was doing the pampering?

On that following Monday, we all glued our eyes on a photo posted by Porsha that included herself, Dennis, and Simon Guobadia! Under this photo, Dennis comments, “Congrats, P! Cheers to your next chapter! Happy Mother’s Day!” The most confusing part is that Porsha was in the middle of both Simon and Dennis. What made this photo weird was Porsha’s back was not only to Dennis but also her hand placement, which seemed to confuse many of her followers. Porsha’s hand was on the chest of Simon Guobadia, and that same hand displayed what looked to be an engagement ring!

Talk about confusion!

This post alone left us all questioning and guessing the subtext of this caption and photo. So many thoughts and speculations were raised but not what was revealed less than 24 hours after posting that photo.

The following day, Porsha Williams posted a photo with Simon Guobadia with the first line in her caption stating, “our relationship began a month ago…..”.

Um, ma’am. What!?

She explains that she is engaged to Simon and how she knows it was fasting, but he makes her happy. She further explains that she understands the “optics” of how the relationship looks, but she has nothing to do with January filing for a divorce between Simon and her show friend, Falynn. To include insult to injury, she also included that she and Falynn are not friends and the divorce has been settled. Confirming the claims of engagement was none other than Simon, who posted the same photo, and in his caption, Porsha checked all the boxes for him.

Now I know we have all heard the saying, keep your man away from women and your friends. But this tea made that saying so much more concerning! To think that someone you were once cool and hanging out with as recent as December 2020 is now engaged to be married to your ex-husband. Soon-to-be ex-husband because the divorce isn’t even final!

Someone hold my earrings right quick!

In this kind of situation, I cannot even think clearly of what my reaction would be. Can you imagine?! Now what made the kettle whistle was the response of the breaking news from soon-to-be ex-wife, Falynn. Flynn shared social media posts in response to those who reached out to her with kind words of the news of Simon’s new engagement. She wrote, “I want to thank everyone for reaching out to me and offering their love and support. At this time, I am focusing on finalizing my divorce and healing. Sending positivity to all of you. Sincerely, Flynn.”

Talk about class!

But let’s not skip over some important information in this statement. She stated the divorce was in the works of being finalized. Which means they are still legally married! And to decipher this train wreck further, Porsha stated they just started dating a month ago.

Public records show that Simon Guobadia filed for divorce in January.

Now, if you are thinking what I am thinking, how can two people get to know each other quickly within a few months and before one’s divorce can be finalized? What is even more disturbing is thinking you can trust someone to bring into your home and introduce to your spouse with no thought that you are introducing him to his next. This whole situation taught me never to get too comfortable with your relationship that you allow spectators to witness what you have. That included friends, siblings, or any family members. Now I cannot say that you cannot connect with someone in less than 30 days and feel a spark that you’ve met your true soulmate. I just haven’t experienced it….and I will leave that statement there. Maybe this whole scenario is for a storyline for the upcoming special that Porsha announced that would center around her personal life.

Could it be a revival attempt to save the Real Housewives of Atlanta franchise that many said the past season seemed to be a snore-fest without the RHOA OG, Nene Leakes?

Could it be Simon’s net worth of $40 million?

Hell, at this point, maybe it’s Maybelline…..

Either way, I will be locked in to see how the story continues to unfold!

Chanel Davis is a contributing writer and the creator and operator of the Diary Of A Chocolate Girl podcast aiming to connect with chocolate girls all over through personal experiences and opinions with mild humor and a spiritual flare. Be sure to connect on IG and Facebook @DiaryofaChocolateGirl

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