You Can Change Your Mind

By Heather Macon

As I am learning more about myself, I am also learning and embracing the fact that it is okay to change my mind. I have struggled with this concept of “changing my mind” for a long time because I want a different experience, and something may not be working for me. Instead of being kind to myself, I would think of changing my mind as a failure or simply giving up.

At times, I ask myself simply, “what have you learned over time when you decide to change your mind?” I find myself in deep thought, thinking of all the experiences I’ve had within the last couple of years where I’ve criticized myself for not trying harder or sticking something out. I’ve stayed in places and situations longer than I should because I’ve developed this mindset to stay or push through anything life throws at me.

I grieve the feeling of things not working out.

Growing through my own decisions, I’ve learned that with any disappointment I’ve ever felt, I have also been able to ask myself, what has this taught me over time? Asking myself that question has served a much deeper and meaningful purpose related to taking each experience as my own and as a learning opportunity.

Overcoming obstacles and reflecting on what I’ve learned through my setbacks, decisions, and past experiences, I’ve learned that: 

  1. discerning what works well for me and what doesn’t
  2. how optimistic and innovative I can be
  3. I’m continuously growing with sitting in discomfort.
  4. how do I define “failure?”
  5. learned more about the people involved during the process and healing

Overall, I’ve learned that rest is essential through my decisions and defining terms of failure. Through self-reflection, grace, allowing God to guide my footsteps, and allowing myself to feel has truly helped through any healing process related to my past learned experiences.

I’m growing through the process, and for that, I am grateful.

Heather Macon is a contributing writer for the Pedestal Project, LLC. Heather is a creative who enjoys art in all forms. You can follow her on Twitter @HJanaii.

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