Ain’t I a Woman?

By Madalyn McKnight

Reading the speech of “Aint I A Woman” allows me to simultaneously reflect on where we have been and how far we have to go as a people and as a nation. Sojourner Truth believed that women could make noise that would cause change. I believe she may have been on to something.  But we still have very far to go. A man gets to say who a woman is, what rights a woman has, and yet as an African-American woman, I don’t even get the courtesy of being treated as even a second-class citizen.

Photo By Princess via Unsplash

As Sojourner points out, being black and a woman is both challenging and miraculous. We are treated equally when it works to benefit of others but otherwise, we are not treated as equal as our counterparts, by our counterparts. God created Eve and she changed the world, and according to Sojourner, we have the same power to turn the world right side up.  

Jesus came from the womb of a woman, brave enough to carry out the strongest task asked of a mortal. So naturally, I do not take being a woman lightly. I am educated, better qualified and adaptable, but yet I still don’t earn as much as an under-qualified man.  I am expected to be delicate and dainty and also take abuse, while a man can be rambunctious and strong and gets a medal of honor for being an abuser. I am supposed to protect the pride of the black man, as he is supposed to be the reaper and provider. But I work harder than most men I know. And ain’t I a Woman?

Photo by: Shelly Shell via Unsplash

Woe is man, who is birthed from the loins of a woman but for some reason is considered to be the stronger vessel. Woe is the womb that shields men from harm while they develop, just to be controlled by a man after they are finished being nurtured by it. Woe is the opinion of a being who doesn’t bear the burden of the woman. Woe is me, for denying my glory to not be considered boastful of my accomplishments. But, then I adjust my crown and remember that I am not a woe. I am successful, blessed, compassionate, enthusiastic, loving, and peaceful, all while being a WOMAN. And as a woman, I am wearing all of these titles proudly…

Ain’t I?


Madalyn McKnight is a Contributing Writer for the Pedestal Project, LLC. A rare blackbird who has the range and a young black professional with impactful words! Follow her on Instagram and Facebook at @singsongblackbird and twitter @singsongblckbrd

Featured Photo by: Julian Schropel

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