Black Girl Magic: November’s New Moon/Full Moon What and How To’s

For my Black girls who have recently embarked on their spiritual journey of understanding themselves in connection to the world around us; I know it can be daunting to find information that seems relevant to you. Usually, the information available comes from blogs by White women who demand you need fifty-thousand crystals, all the white sage in the world, and countless other things that aren’t necessarily needed in order to make the most of whichever moon cycle. As a spiritual worker, I’ve created certain rituals for myself with each moon cycle, but as a Black woman; these rituals were born with me, and are within us. If you’re interested in learning more about the moon cycles and how to harness the energy it brings, but don’t know where to start; here are my tips for this month. 

First things first, figure out which phase the moon is in and which sign it’s in. Knowing whether the moon is full or void (new moon) is super helpful in figuring out what’s the best thing to do under it. New Moons mark new beginnings and a new cycle. It’s the first phase in the moon cycle so that energy is potent for setting intentions and writing manifestations for yourself for the month. Full Moons, on the other hand, marks the end of a cycle and signal a time of collecting harvest and making room in your life for the things you manifested in the new moon phase. It also is time for releasing whatever’s not serving you, and showing gratitude – aka praise him in advance. This is helpful to know when figuring out what you’re wanting to do and focus on. I like to take the sign the moon is into consideration as well when I’m thinking about what I want to focus on during my rituals. 

For example, the next New Moon is November 4th, and it falls in the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is a sign of deep waters – it emphasizes the need for shadow work, transformations, and rebirth in order to be the most authentic you. With it being the New Moon, it is an optimal time to manifest things around living more in your truth and accepting the dark and light things about yourself as being whole. I’d recommend doing some rituals around self-love and taking the time to give myself what I’ve been craving from others. I’d also recommend writing intentions around getting out of harmful cycles, trusting your intuition, and being able to accept your love as well as the love of others. Pray over it and keep it under your pillow or with your crystals. Indulge in the food you wouldn’t allow yourself to normally, and be ok with it, watch yourself dance naked and be ok with it, express your feelings passionately, and be ok with it. All of these things are rituals and using the energy of rebirth from Scorpio and new beginnings from the new moon only help amplify your efforts and manifestations. 

Our next Full Moon is November 19th in the sign of Taurus; a sign of pleasure, luxury, and home comforts. Taurus challenges us to stand our ground, and that there is beauty in boundaries. With this being the sign of this month’s Full Moon,  it would best be spent releasing relationships and situations that violate your boundaries, healing your own relationship to pleasure, and beautifying your home. I’d recommend a ritual of writing down a list of the things, people, places, and habits you’re wanting to release, going outside and reading these under the moon, and burning the paper. Make sure you do this in a fire-safe bowl, like pyrex, and then make sure to scatter the ash to the wind. If you’re doing this inside, I recommend flushing the ashes down the toilet; whichever you choose, make sure you rid yourself of it. You can end your night by taking a bath or shower to further cleanse yourself, baking or burning incense to please your senses, and spend the evening in a nice robe or your favorite loungewear. Either way, cater to you for the rest of the night in any way that you want. If you’re wanting to keep some of this energy with you throughout the month, consider making moon water and charging your crystals under the full moon; then use them whenever you need a boost throughout the month.

Whether you’re new to incorporating these practices or just looking for ways to make them more meaningful to you; always keep in mind that you’re doing these things to establish a better relationship with yourself, your spirituality, and your connection with this Earth. With this being said, ALWAYS listen to yourself. These are my suggestions and what has helped me, but if you feel led to do something differently or incorporate more aspects; listen to you.

Tanay Adams – Tanay M.A. is a contributing writer for the Pedestal Project, LLC. Tanay’s passions lie in holistic education and creative/poetry writing; both are heavily influenced by her love of Black Women, and her love of creation. You can follow her on Instagram @theamazingtanayzing

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